Beers, Pearce, Wagner and Waterman - New York to Peru, Vermont

Pearce and Waterman Ancestors. A few old photos and half remembered stories led me to the ancestors of my maternal grandparents.

      Joseph E. Wagner and Mary Almeda Clark and their children Minnie, Mary and Fannie of Lisbon, NY

      Holcomb, Beers and Pearce Ancestors of Rushville, New York

      Watson, Blackith, Adams and Pearce Connections, England-Michigan-Chicago-New York City

Peru, Vermont

      Recollections of Peru, VT (photo above) by Ruth W. Pearce. Life in Peru in the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

      Grandpa Pearce turns his camera on John W. Doscher of the Country School of Photography, South Woodstock, VT

      Bromley House, Peru, VT - 1875 painting and photos to 1972.

      The Country Store. 1955 Vermont Life article about the Peru General Store.

      Peru: A Poignant Story. A preview of a story written by Alexander "Sandy" Read in 1975.

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