Joshua Mabry and Frances B. Strother

Joshua Mabry and Frances B. Strother. Joshua Mabry 1785-1836 and Frances B. Strother 1798-1862 married around 1816 and raised their children in Louisburg, Franklin County, North Carolina. Joshua was something of a brick wall. I chipped away for a while and it seems he may be a child of Reps Mabry of Warren County, NC. After Joshua’s death, Frances and her kids moved to Greene County, Alabama.

      Joshua Mabry and Frances B. Strother, Franklin & Warren Counties, North Carolina

James L. Mabry. Joshua Mabry’s second born child is a mystery. Likely he is James L. Mabry 1820-1842 who led a short but adventurous life in Texas. He survived the Santa Fe Expedition only to perish on the Texas Navy schooner "San Antonio" when it disappeared in the Gulf of Mexico in 1842.

      James L. Mabry - North Carolina to Republic of Texas

Robert B. Mabry and Virginia Dean. Robert B. Mabry 1817-187? is the first born child of Joshua Mabry and Frances B. Strother. Robert married Virginia Dean in 1846. Her family was a mystery until all was revealed in the will of her maternal grandfather Benjamin Hart 1772-1851. Virginia's parents are Reuben Dean, Jr. and Lavinia Hart.

      Grandpa Hart's Will: Discovery of the Hart/Dean/Mabry Connection, Conecuh County, Alabama

James Childs Mabry. James Childs Mabry 1862-1940 was the last child born to Robert B. Mabry and Virginia Dean. He led quite the life in Texas. By 1903, James had moved to the east coast and married Teressa Phillips.

      James Childs Mabry - Teressa Phillips

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