Hansell Families around Philadelphia

Peter David Hansell c1724-1786

      Peter David Hansell Revisited (2020/2021) including an Exploration of the Joseph Sellers and Hannah Paschall Family

            Sorting out Georges Claimed as Sons of Joseph Sellers & Hannah Paschall

      The Whereabouts of Peter David Hansell (2012)

      Timeline of Sources for Peter David Hansell (2012)

      A Compilation of Clues to the Origins of Peter David Hansell (2012)

      (Peter) David Hansell Naturalized in 1765

William Hansell and Sarah Morris

      William Hansell, Blacksmith, Darby PA, 1757-1800

      Sarah Morris Hansell, Widow & The History of 49 North Seventh Street, Philadelphia PA

The children of William Hansell and Sarah Morris. Allied families include Berrett, Dent, Crombarger, Jarden, Wallace, Crozier, Jamison, Young, Ehrenzeller, French, Forman, Matthews, Kildare

      William Morris Hansell, Dry Goods Merchant, Philadelphia PA, 1795-1846

      Daughters Anne Hansell, Hannah Hansell and Sarah Morris Hansell

      Morris Hansell, Hatter, Philadelphia PA, 1794-1839

      James Hansell, Clock & Watchmaker, Philadelphia PA, 1791-1865

      Thomas Hansell, Turner, Philadelphia PA, 1786-1865

The children of Thomas Hansell and Mary Steiner. Allied families include Eckfeldt, Senfft, Sommer/Summers, Rutherford, Bassett, Bonhote, Sinclair, Smith, Christman, Willing Sisters, Nichol Sisters, Warnock, Price, Borst, Clear, Witmer, Fogg, Raynor. People of interest at the US Mint include the Summers Family and Theodore W. Eckfeldt. People of interest in Allentown, New Jersey. The Widows of Fifth Street.

       James Steiner Hansell, Turner, Philadelphia PA & NJ 1811-1881 work in progress

      William Frederick Hansell, Silk & Wool Dyer, Philadelphia PA 1812-1881

      Thomas P. Hansell, Philadelphia PA, 1815-1841

      Daughters Caroline Hansell 1822-1849 and Sarah Ann Hansell 1817-1863, Philadelphia PA

      Emmeline Hansell 1820-1905 PA, NY & NJ

         Emmeline married John Sinclair, a son of George Sinclair 1785-1864 and Margaret Rogers 1791-1860 of Allentown NJ

         For an exploration of George Sinclair's ancestors John Sinclair 1763-1801 and George Sinclair d. 1787, click here

      Edwin S. Hansell, Turner, Philadelphia PA, 1824-1908 work in progress

      Joseph M. Hansell, Silk Dyer, Philadelphia PA, 1828-1854

It was a great surprise to discover Edwin S. Hansell's daughter, Louisa Hansell Fogg, lived in the caretaker's house at the Friends Western Burial Ground for 48 years. In 1924, it was an even greater surprise to Philadelphians to discover the house was actually a log cabin, built in the 1790s! Read about it here: The Caretaker's House at the Friends Western Burial Ground, North 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Peter David Hansell descendants not in the direct line I am following. Allied families are Rathschlag, Lex, Eisenbrey, Suplee, DeHuff, Sloane, Saunders, Breckenridge

      Jacob Hansell, Blacksmith, Philadelphia PA, 1762 to 1810

      Rising Sun Tavern, Lancaster Turnpike, Blockley PA

      Inclined Plane Tavern, at the Head of the Inclined Plane, Blockley PA

      County Line Inn, Haverford Road, Blockley PA

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