William Murdoch and Margaret Nixon

William Murdoch and Margaret Nixon. William Murdoch 1795-1865 and his wife Margaret Nixon 1807-1883 lived in the townland of Annaroe in Co. Tyrone, Ireland, but William spent most of his time in Co. Monaghan working as a land agent for the Leslie Family and operating flour, corn and flax mills. In 1843, the Murdoch family sailed to America, eventually settling near Asheville, North Carolina.

      William Murdoch and Margaret Nixon, Co. Monaghan, Ireland to North Carolina

Margaret "Daisy" Murdoch. When her parents sailed to America in 1843, five-year-old Daisy was left in England to be educated. Daisy's paper trail is non-existant until she arrives in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1872. Daisy devoted her life to teaching and she was awarded gold medals for her unflinching service to others during the 1873 Shreveport Yellow Fever Epidemic and the 1878 Memphis Yellow Fever Epidemic.

      Margaret "Daisy" Murdoch 1838-1917

Medal Recipients - 1873 Yellow Fever Epidemic, Shreveport, LA. Fifteen women received medals from the Howard Association for their service in this horrific epidemic.

      Medal Recipients - 1873 Yellow Fever Epidemic, Shreveport, LA

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