Lippincott Families

Lippincott Family. In 1983, our uncle Charles Lippincott (1901-1995) came for a visit. Boy, could he tell family stores! He and I came to an agreement: Uncle Charles would mail me (via US Postal Service) his hand-written stories and I would type them (on a blue IBM Selectric Typewriter). "We Lippincotts" remembers growing up near Rancocas and Moorestown, NJ.

      We Lippincotts by Charles D. Lippincott, 1983

Ella Hansell & Richard R. Lippincott. We inherited a cardboard box of family papers that contained photos of Ella Hansell and Richard Lippincott, taken just before Richard went off to the Civil War. Now I could put faces to Uncle Charles' stories. This narrative is also posted at Frank Marone's website Frank took it upon himself to erect a new headstone for Richard Lippincott in the Rancocas Friends Cemetery.

      Ella Hansell and Richard R. Lippincott, Rancocas NJ 1840 to 1914

Reminiscences by Ella Lippincott Williams (1875-1960), daughter of Ella and RR Lippincott. Ella Williams remembers her childhood up to 1900 in Rancocas NJ. The story is posted at

      Reminiscences of Early Childhood in Rancocas, NJ up to 1900

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