Archibald Jardine 1786-1868

Archibald Jardine 1786-1868 - Whithorn, Scotland to New York City. A remarkable person, Archibald Jardine, and a remarkable place, Crichton Royal Institution (which has a remarkable on-line archive).

      Archibald Jardine - Whithorn, Scotland to New York City, Interspersed by His Remarkable Sojourn at the Crichton Royal Institution

Archibald Jardine's Children & Grandchildren. In 1828, Archibald Jardine married Margaret Hannay in Whithorn. Their children are Margaret, David, James, Jane, Edward, John and George Elliot. James died in England. The rest of the family moved to New York City. Here is a descendant tree for Archibald's children and grandchildren. The children married McNeillie, Boyce, Noxon, Marsh, Pryer, Randall/Leggett, Earle, Rich and Macleod.

      Children & Grandchildren of Archibald Jardine and Margaret Hannay Descendant Tree

Archibald Jardine's Parents and Siblings. There are clues that point to Archibald's siblings. It's always rewarding to gather up a family in this manner! Sibling spouses are McCulloch, Waugh, Douglas, Hope and maybe Ferrand.

      Clues That Point to the Birth Family of Archibald Jardine

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