Ettensperger, Kolb and Giesregen Families

The Family of Ferdinand Ettensperger and Amalie Gunzert of Ellwangen, Germany. Three children came to America including the eldest Gustave who married and had twelve children. Here is a tree with four generations. This is the one and only Ettensperger family on the east coast of the US.

      Ferdinand Ettensperger and Amalie Gunzert Descendant Tree

Jacob Kolb and William Giesregen Families. A Kolb daughter married William L. Giesregen. William was the only surviving child of Johann Paul Giesregen (1822-1860) and Margareth Deindoerfer (1829-1897). This tree includes five generations.

      Kolb and Giesregen Descendant Tree

Narratives with photos in the works.

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